About Us

CERD stands for “Center for e-Commerce Research and Development.” e-Commerce is a highly dynamic field where new technologies emerges and disrupts the sector. The best way to combat these changes and stay on top of the industry is to conduct high quality research on various fields to gain better understanding of the industry and emerging technologies and trends. At CERD, we conduct research on e-Commerce at National and International levels. In 2009, Government of Bangladesh legalized online transaction thus opening up e-Commerce sector of Bangladesh. e-Commerce is now growing at a quicker pace in Bangladesh. According to the data of Bangladesh Telecom Regulatory Commission (BTRC) in the first ten months of 2016 there were 12.845 new Internet subscribers. On an average, almost 42,000 new people subscribed to Internet every month in 2016. It is a clear indicator that e-Commerce would become the next big wave in Bangladesh. It would change our country forever.
Center for e-Commerce Research and Development (CERD) will conduct research, surveys, and regularly publish news articles on the e-Commerce industry of Bangladesh and around the world.
Provide assistance to the government and private sector in developing a successful e-Commerce industry in Bangladesh.